Power Moon

The Powermoon is a truly portable LED lighting system which has become very popular in Europe and USA amongst the contracting community and emergency services worldwide

Powermoon consists of:

1. Collapsible Balloon:

  • The lower part of the balloon, which is translucent diffuses the light, while the upper half, which is aluminum coated reflects the light efficiently downwards.
  • The light source is a LED bulb which is available in different wattage options.
  • The weight of the Balloon is 11 – 12kgs.

2. Telescopic Tripod:

  • The tripod extends out to 4.7 meters high and when folded down, it fits into an easily transportable case.
  • The tripod is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel and aluminum. It is built to be resistant to rain and weather.

There are two kinds of LED Powermoons available :

  • LED moon – This Powermoon can be plugged into a Generator or the Mains Power supply.The Generator is to be supplied by the customer.
  • LED Master – This Powermoon can be connected to a Battery and always needs a 12V/24V Power source.

3. Why Powermoon ?

  • Optimum light distribution is achieved at a height of only 3-5 meters compared to 10-15 meters with a conventional floodlight.
  • Powermoon’s most distinctive feature is its diffusing balloon, providing excellent light efficiency without the disturbing dazzle effect of conventional floodlight – perfect for those late night emergency calls.